Lights and Shadows of Seasons

Lights and Shadows of Seasons
You can differentiate cherry blossoms, red maples, blue sky, clouds and mist from one another by looking at the lights and shadows of each season in Kurasu.
Let’s sit over a cup of tea and enjoy different landscapes of each season here.
Spring Water
From March to April
The wet tender rain drops are awakens the spring. Embrace every new day with spring yellow green tender buds, let the spring water flow in every moment, and flowers bloom in the park at once. Every corner you pass by, the spring scenery comes into view and makes you happy.
Summer Feast
From June to August
You can enjoy the cool and refreshing summer here with spring water surrounding the leaves and the ripple of the stream.
All of sudden, a wind came out of the opposite mountain, the treetop, and falling leaves, bringing shades of cool.
Autumn Red
From September to November
Autumn in Taiwan is dotted with colors.
With a rainbow palette, there’s never a bleak autumn in Taiwan.
Come in autumn, and you can experience the vivacity the season brings.
Winter Warmth
From December to February
There are endless yearning and warmth in winter. Warm fire makes you relaxed, a cup of hot tea warms you up, and friendly hospitality warms you from the heart to the body. If you miss your friends, especially in winter, take a short trip with them. With fire, hot tea, and hot spring, Kurasu’s service will warm you up.